What was the inspiration for one of the greatest plays ever written?

The greatest love story that was hidden from history…


The original new musical Swagger, created by Mark Evan Chimsky, is a story of passion, political intrigue, and prejudice that reveals what caused Shakespeare to break the rules – in his life and  art – as he created Hamlet in 1600.

After years of not allowing himself to grieve the death of Hamnet, his eleven-year-old son, Will finally opens himself to the pain of loss when he learns his beloved father is dying.

He stops writing and is only brought back to life by the arrival of a mysterious ambassador from Morocco, Abdul Guahid, one of the first Muslims ever invited to meet Queen Elizabeth I.

The forbidden attraction between Will and Abdul leads to great danger for both men, but in the process they learn to find love – and themselves.

Set against the politics of Queen Elizabeth’s court and the hardscrabble ambition of Shakespeare’s company of players, Swagger is a timely musical that explores the xenophobia that seized Elizabethan England and how love can inspire genius to create something daring and new.

The musical is both a provocative look at a hidden chapter in history and a love letter to the transformative magic of theater.

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